Adda Fer Meccanica S.r.l.


Adda Fer Meccanica, an important reality in the construction and sale of machine and plants for the electro welded pipes production and sheet metal working, it will be glad to introduce at next Wire/Tube 2012 the third evolution of the flying cut off for pipes up to Ø16”.

The machine is designed for the low saw cut of round, rectangular and square tubes and it allows to reach very high line speed, cut quality and out puts through the use of multiple heads.

In fact it can work simultaneously with two or four heads optimizing the cut times, depending on the dimensions of the tubes to be cut in particular, working with only two heads alternating with the other available two, it is possible to double the autonomy of the line between a change of the saw and the other.

This system also allows you to use very small diameter saws with a small contact area and friction with the tube, with a great economy of the consumption of the cutting tools.

A system of universal vices allows you to work the all range which is expected from the machine with only two sets of jaws for round, rectangular and square tubes.

The machine is an orbital type: it means that it is made of a rotating structure on a large diameter ball bearing, where the saw heads are placed.

The very solid heads allow the use of small diameter tools; every head is composed of a speed reduction gear with gears that are casehardened and hardened with bath lubrication and driven by a servomotor.

The radial feed movement for each head is controlled by a servomotor through a ball screw and the sliding happens on ball shoes.

Heads are placed inside the rotating structure, protected from chips, coolant and from the liquid carried by the tube. Outside, in the cutting zone, only mandrel ends are visible and easily accessible with cutting tools.

Technical specifications

Round tube max./min. diameter 406 – 114 mm
Standard tube length 6000 12000 mm
Square tubes 90x90 - 320x320 mm
Rectangular tubes 120x60 – 450x150 mm
Line max. speed 60 m/min
Max thickness 16 mm
Tolerance on length +/- 1,5 mm

Centre pipe forming (with optional work possibility with fixed bottom)
Orbital cut with 2/4 low saw heads TCT (HSS) saw
Following material from EN 10025 HRC - S235JR, S235JO, S235J2,
S275JR, S275JO, S275J2
Till API API 5L -X80, API 5CT – N80

The feeding of the rotating part is made by a cable chain that winds the rotating part on which an appropriate support is obtained.

The whole rotating unit is mounted on a support fixed structure which is integral with the translator carriage; all is made in sized electro welded steel structural work.

On this structure a rotating unit is fixed and controlled by a servo motor that, through a gear motor and a pinion, provides to the rotation of the structure with cutting heads while checking the progress.

A guide system of the incoming tube, made of an horizontal and vertical cage composed of rolls which are adjustable with a screw system in order to adapt them to the various pipe sizes, allows to drive the tube in the incoming vice.

An incoming vice and an outgoing one provide to block the pipe during its working.

The outgoing vice is especially designed to be positioned very close to the cutting section, to ensure the maximum rigidity.

The same is equipped with a quick removal or detachment movement, that allows a rapid removal of the cut tube in order to immediately release the cut disc from possible frictions and pressures which occur in the immediate phase after the cut.

This allows to further safeguard the life of the tools.

The pinch roll is housed on the carriage and it provides to speed up it in order to reach the synchronous speed to make the cut in optimal conditions.

It consists of a servo motor that, through a reduction gear and a vertical axis pinion, meshes with the rack that is located in the below basement.

The base of the machine is made of a strong welded frame in steel structural work where the guides with sliding shoes and the rack for the translation are mounted; a system of shock absorbers provide to absorb the accidental impacts.

A conveyor for chips evacuation can be planned as optional.

Adda Fer Meccanica will present the new orbital flying cut-off at next Dusseldorf Tube & Wire, stand no 6E10, hall no 6, from the 26th to the 30th of March 2012.

7000 cuts...0 blades change

Already with the previous evolution of the flying cut-off designed by Adda Fer Meccanica, excellent results have been achieved.

Thanks to the cooperation with the greatest blades manufacturers, the Adda Fer project office has improved the machine by increasing the cutting performances.

The cuts planned in the project without blades changing have been largely achieved and exceeded.

In the latest version of the cut off, in fact, the 7000 cuts have been passed without the need to change the cutting blades, significantly contributing to the increase of the tube line productivity, while maintaining a cutting quality which is superior to the standard.