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Uhing sets the Web in motion

Uhing sets the Web in motion: online video showing a rolling ring drive in operation
The accuracy of its execution is what fascinates us in a motion – no matter whether it is slow or fast. To share this fascination with its most popular product, Joachim Uhing KG has published a Web video showing its rolling ring drive. A video offers much more information than a thousand pictures: it shows the accurate motions the Uhing rolling ring drive® is capable of.
A brief practical video - some parts of which were produced in 3D for better understanding - introduce you to the drive and its purely mechanic functional principle. Devoid of any artistic animation and gimmicks, the spectator sees how a rolling ring drive is manufactured and used.
State-of-the-art CNC machines and systems are used to manufacture the drives. As every drive is manufactured individually, it can be safely traced to one particular production operator. Of course, such a drive can be used for many other purposes apart from material traversing as shown in the video. For example, we offer a paste mixer drive with counterforce-dependent switchover making complex electronics unnecessary.
The Uhing online video is a benefit for all those who otherwise could inform themselves about the drive at fairs only. All interested persons can now get a picture of the rolling ring drive, its construction, motions and possible application.
Two clicks on are sufficient to start the video: on the start page, choose your language. Then click “Product video” under “Informations” in the menu bar to the left. Depending on your language choice, you can listen to the key statements of the video with background music in German or English, and you can play it as often as you like.