Condat Lubrifiants

Hot Tube Rolling : Increased performance with Ceramic coatings

CONDATUB C33, a new formulation based on ceramic

At the next TUBE Düsseldorf 2012 show, CONDAT will launch a new and innovative product dedicated to hot rolling of seamless steel tubes: CONDATUB C 33. This new formulation was developed using knowledge gained in the field of aeronautic forging where similar processing conditions and constraints exist.
Developed as a ceramic based powder, CONDATUB C33 is a product with high technical value.

CONDATUB C33 eliminates sticking during hot rolling.
It also improves internal surface finish quality of hot rolled tubes and eases mandrel extraction operations.
Easy to use, it is sprayed inside the tubes before introducing the mandrel (CONDAT can assist with the choice of suitable spray equipment).
Eliminating the need for additional lubricant, CONDATUB C 33 simplifies the process and reduces waste disposal costs.
CONDATUB C33 is the economical solution for reducing the overall costs in hot rolling of seamless steel tubes.

CONDAT’s principle philosophy is also to offer products whose chemistry is stable and environmentally responsible.
CONDATUB C33 eliminates the need for lubricants containing graphite and phosphates in the workshops, thus offering a healthier working environment for the operators. Without Borax nor SVHC substances, CONDATUB C33 minimizes the inhalation risk of toxic products by the operators and offers a process without effluents.