Hampton Steel Ltd.

Hampton's Launch XNET™

Welcome to the Future of UK Manufactured Wire Fencing.

Introducing X NET™.

The first machine of its kind in Europe is now at Hampton Steel Ltd, UK.

As one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of wire fencing and related products Hampton’s™ pride themselves on providing quality product supported by continuity of supply and a thoroughly professional customer relationship team.

“XNET™ is the newest addition to Hampton’s long list of favourites which include, hinge joint fencing, barbed wire, chain link fencing, line wires and staples and hexagonal wire netting. Manufactured on our new, state of the art equipment at our factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire XNET™ takes wire fencing to a whole new level in terms of versatility and strength. Customers really can specify their own configurations” said Mark Johnson, Managing Director of Hampton Steel Ltd.
Spacings of the stay wires can be anything from 2 inches to 48 inches while the new machine gives the ability to space the line wires at 1 inch increments between 2 inches and 10 inches. This versatility really is revolutionary; apertures can be set to help guard against injuries to smaller animals including foals and lambs or entrapment of heads. ‘
Featuring an animal and people friendly X shaped knotted joint, XNET™’s wires are locked tight to provide a superior fence with superior strength.
XNET™ can also be produced with hinged upper or lower sections, to exclude unwanted animals such as burrowing badgers and scaling otters.

XNET™ for badgers can provide a real help to prevent the spread of Bovine TB.
X NET™ uses less wire than other similar designs, without compromising on fence rigidity and strength.
More secure – X NET™ requires every line wire to be cut to gain access making it a secure option.
Easier to erect – advanced technology of the design makes the high tensile X NET™ almost self-supporting and easier to erect.
Cost benefits – less sagging so requiring fewer posts providing tangible labour and material cost savings.
A true revolution for wire fencing, suitable for:-
Animal Parks

User specifiable configurations.
Hampton’s full product range can be viewed at their new website or contact Sales on 01933 234070 or email