Medek & Schörner GmbH

Continuity guaranteed – next generation ready to go!

The tradition of the present third management generation – Fritz and Kurt Descovich as well as Werner Lichtscheidl – is now set to continue. The high quality of the company’s products is ensured by advanced technological expertise coupled with well trained staff and the latest production technology. The company continues to enjoy the loyalty of satisfied customers the world over thanks to a special emphasis on customer service and rapid, competent assistance in the event of problems.
Manuel Lichtscheidl, the son of managing director Werner Lichtscheidl, recently joined the company, and will initially reinforce the research and development team. In recent years he was able to use his abilities successfully in a position with a world market leader in the field of mechanical engineering.
Together with Rudolf Descovich – the son of Kurt Descovich – who has already worked effectively for the company for many years, this duo will not only determine the course of this successful company in the years to come, but also ensure its continued existence and maintain the company tradition.