Pressure Welding Machines (PWM) Ltd.

PWM presents full range of cold welders at wire 2012

British manufacturer PWM will showcase its full range of manual and energy-efficient powered cold pressure welders. Top of the range are PWM’s EP500 and P1000 rod welders, designed for economical welding of large non-ferrous rod sections up to 16.00mm (.630") diameter copper and 20.00mm (.790") diameter aluminium. Quiet, clean and easy to operate, PWM rod welders produce reliable consistent welds stronger than the parent material.

PWM also manufactures two energy-efficient portable cold welders. The HP100 and HP200 are powered by air/hydraulic intensifiers and equipped with solid steel welding heads for extra strength. Mounted on trolleys, these reliable machines provide an effortless weld on wire 1.00mm to 6.50mm (.039" to .256") diameter.

PWM cold welding equipment is made to high quality standards by skilled technicians in PWM’s own UK workshops. Dies are individually hand-made in matched sets, in standard or custom sizes, to suit round or profile wire. PWM can also produce dies to weld two different sizes of wire together for specific applications.

PWM’s range of manual cold welders includes hand-held machines, such as the M10, M25 and M30, ideal for repairing wire breaks quickly in confined spaces. Comfortable to hold and simple to use, they have capacities from 0.10mm to 1.80mm (.0039" to .071") copper/aluminium.

The versatile BM10 and BM30 manual models, which can be used on a workbench or provided with a trolley, will produce strong, consistent welds on wire sizes 0.10mm to 1.80mm (.0039" to .071") copper/aluminium. The larger M101, a robust, heavy-duty machine, for wire sizes 1.00mm to 3.60mm (.040" to .141") copper and 5.00mm (.197") EC aluminium, is durable and easy to maintain. One of PWM’s best-selling welders, the M101 can be bench-mounted or supplied with a trolley, so it can be wheeled quickly to the work area. A pneumatic version of the M101, the P101, is also available.