August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG

New models for joining solid wires

AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG, for more than 80 years acknowledged leader in manufacturing electric as well as cold pressure buttwelding machines for the wire and cable industry, recently had introduced a few to meet customers’ requests for welders working “in between” the well-known table-top unit 1a and the bigger movable unit type 2a. The new welding machines are considered priceworthy alternatives, just the right idea at the right time, e.g.: - Type 1b covers non-alloy steel 4-14 mm dia. (alloyed steel 4-10 mm dia.), or copper wires 3-8 mm dia., or brass wires 3-10 mm dia. or aluminium wires 4-9 mm dia. It is designed as a table-top unit, with trolleys, cutters and grinders offered as accessories so you can get the full package from STRECKER! - Type 2 is suitable for low carbon steel wire rods 3-15 mm dia. (alloyed steel 3-11 mm dia.), or copper rods 3-9 mm dia., or brass 3-11 mm dia. or aluminium 4-11 mm dia. The design is a table-top unit, too – with all options of needful accessories such as trolleys, cutters and grinders. As a special feature, the unit is available with pneumatic clamping device, too! Of course, other than these new models STRECKER can still offer the a wide variety of reliable and proven machinery for all kinds of applications: conventional resistance pressure welders for solid wires of all kinds, electric dual upset welders with auto-deburring for ferrous and non-ferrous material (now also available in vertical execution), strand and cable buttwelders working with tubes or without any tubes at all, machines for electrical parting as well as buttwelding of steel strands or steel cord, buttwelders or spotwelders or lapwelders for all kinds of strip material, battery-operated welding or parting guns with idependant power supply fed off the line – and of course a wide range of coldpressure welding machines for copper or aluminium wires. If you are interested in welding, just contact STRECKER – we will have the answer!