August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG

Welding of hanging wire coils in the coil radius

For more than 80 years AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG in Limburg/Germany manufacture buttwelding machines for the wire and cable industry. An example out of the wide-spread production program also including special purpose machines are electric buttwelders for ripped bars as well as other steel grades up to high carbon steel or alloyed steel, suitable for joining the ends of hanging wire coils. To relieve the operator from hard physical strain while welding, there are different machine executions which allow to easily move the welder to the wire ends to be joined. In case there is only one work station for welding in the line, there are two options: 1.To weld re-bars at special horizontal pay-offs it is possible to use a slew able welder fixed to a column. 2.To weld steel with high carbon content at horizontal pay-offs there are buttwelding machines movable on flange wheels and rails. However, if there are several welding stations along the line of a horizontal pay-off, it is recommendable to consider a buttwelding machine movable with a platform in parallel to the line, as well as on the platform itself, both motions on flange wheels in matching rails. Here the welder can be brought close to coil rings, e.g. wire ends to be joined and again out of the line after the welding process. For not having to straighten the wire ends prior to welding, the welders' design allows to hydraulically clamp the material in the coil radius. Depending on the requirements of the individual steel quality, the machines can be equipped with different annealing options, e.g. programmable microprocessor-controls for step less adjustment of capacities and times for welding and annealing, etc.