National Machinery LLC


National Machinery LLC’s world-wide operations announced that is has increased the warranty period on its FORMAX® machine product to a two year machine warranty with a five year drivetrain warranty. The new warranty program, which is effective now, applies to FORMAX machines including the newest members LeanFX and PumaFX.

National specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of cold forming machinery and applications to produce metal parts and fasteners. “The increased warranty program supports what is already the highest quality standard in the industry” says Tom Hay, Executive VP Engineering Technology, Quality and New Products. The FORMAX product line includes machines that can form a wide range of specialty parts and fasteners at net shape while running at exceptional forming speeds. “The benefit of the expanded warranty is National’s total commitment that every FORMAX machine will deliver exceptional reliability and performance”.

National enforces a global quality policy that includes material testing, a machine design created for performance and longevity, expert technical personnel, safety analysis, and a thorough final machine run-off test period. National’s quality focus allows them to offer a warranty that is currently not available from any other cold forming manufactures. Tom Hay further explains, “The extended warranty is a bold step punctuating our confidence with the performance and reliability of these machines and National’s continuous improvement processes. We want to make sure customers know that no matter what type of FORMAX, from our Large FX and Plus models all the way through our new LeanFX and PumaFX models, we ensure the same caliber of quality.”

Nationals’ current products focus on advanced cold forming machinery, process and tooling technology, aftermarket parts and service, and used machinery. The company is headquartered in Tiffin, Ohio with service centers in Germany, Japan, China and Sales offices all over the world. For more information regarding National’s new warranty visit to find a National sales representative near you.