COFIM Industrie


Conception et Fabrication d'Innovation Mécanique
Specialist in tube machining
For over 20 years, COFIM has been designing, manufacturing and producing machines that are more efficient and developed for the tube machining.
We propose you to benefit our experience to develop custom solutions The company
structure based on several effective policy:

- A design firm that designs and manufactures machinery and tools on CAD ( computer aided design

- A fabrication workshop equipped with a machining center, a lathe and a milling conventional

- A team of technicians who performs the editing, the development, repairs and receive packages

- A dynamic team of commercials, often working abroad Our strength
Our company stands by its new concepts and machines that are more reliable and more effhereent
We provide responsive customer service
Focus Areas
The tube is widely used and has three main uses:

- Transportation: - fluid (water, petrol, oil, etc. ..) - Gas - Fiber optic

- the guide: Transmission, assembling (example: Structure of boats)

- Support: - metal structures

This implies that the tube industry is found in many areas and COFIM acts primarily in the domains of aeronautics, weaponry, nuclear, petrochemical, chemical, tertiary industry or research centers