Ambrell SARL

Ambrell Delivers "Green" Heating Technologies

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, is pleased to offer energy efficient heating solutions, including its recently expanded line of EKOHEAT low frequency systems.

Induction heating is a flameless, non-contact method where the heat is generated within the part being heated. Other methods of heating are less efficient because they heat a larger area instead of just the desired part. Induction is a rapid method of heating which consumes energy only when the power is on and the part is inside the coil.

EKOHEAT systems convert power extremely efficiently with a power factor in excess of 0.9, which minimizes energy costs. Agile frequency tuning in the EKOHEAT systems continuously optimizes the delivery of power to the heated part providing consistent and repeatable heating.

"We’re very pleased to offer such an efficient method of heating that saves our customers money through reduced energy consumption," says Ambrell Vice President of Engineering and Worldwide Product Development Skip Thompson. "On top of the typical benefits of induction heating, we’ve designed our units to be as efficient as possible. This means users of Ambrell induction heating technology enjoy an even more efficient heating solution."

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