Ambrell SARL

Shrink Fitting, Wire Annealing Processes Profit from Ambrell Induction Heating

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, is pleased to introduce the EKOHEAT 250/10 – with 250 kW of power and a center frequency of 10 kHz. It is part of a comprehensive line of Ambrell high to low frequency induction heating systems.

Ambrell’s Applications Lab has found the EKOHEAT 250/10 to be ideal in a wide range of applications:
•Shrink fitting a pipe with a 10” outside diameter for an oil industry application
•Annealing wire with a diameter of nearly 1” as part of an in-line manufacturing process
•Preheating steel bars with a diameter of 2.5” prior to welding
Other successful EKOHEAT 250/10 applications include hardening, preheating for forging, and crucible heating.

Many organizations with heating applications are looking to induction because it’s a flameless, non-contact method that’s fast, precise, energy efficient and conducive to process repeatability. Other methods of heating are comparatively less efficient because they heat a larger area instead of just the desired part, which leads to excess energy consumption. Larger applications that require considerable through-heating can reap the benefits of induction thanks to the expanded line of EKOHEAT low frequency systems.

"We’re pleased to offer the EKOHEAT 250/10," says Ambrell Vice President of Business Development Bruce N. Stewart. "We’re finding that it’s of great interest to a wide array of industries for a number of applications, and we’re seeing a particularly large amount of interest for this system from those with larger pipe applications. Of course, we have lower frequency systems for those with even larger applications."

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