Ambrell SARL

Cheltenham Induction Heating becomes Ambrell Ltd

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, is pleased to announce its changing the name of its United Kingdom operation from Cheltenham Induction Heating to Ambrell Ltd.

Ambrell acquired Cheltenham Induction Heating in 2005. The acquisition resulted in an integrated organization that has benefitted from the synergies that each operation offered. Ambrell’s European operations have expanded considerably since the 2005 acquisition, as has its brand recognition, so it was decided to bring its United Kingdom operation under the parent brand to better demonstrate Ambrell’s strong, unified worldwide presence.

The name change does not impact day-to-day operations at its United Kingdom location. All contracts remain valid, the operations in Cheltenham are unchanged, and Cheltenham Induction Heating’s customers will continue to receive the same high level of service they’ve come to expect. Ambrell continues to be fully committed to the United Kingdom market, and looks forward to even further growth.

"Given the continued growth we’re enjoying across Europe and the world, it made sense to bring Cheltenham Induction Heating under the Ambrell brand," says Ambrell Vice President of Business Development Bruce N. Stewart. "We exhibit at a wide range of tradeshows and events, have customers with locations in multiple countries, and by changing the Cheltenham Induction Heating brand to Ambrell Ltd, it’ll minimize confusion across the continent and maximize our marketing investments.”

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