Eder Engineering GmbH

Unique high performance ultrasonic die processing machine with 2 workstations for doubling output

Featuring the USP-TWIN :
Semiautomatic dual workstation ultrasonic diamond/PCD die processing machine. This advanced EDER-conception can be handled by one single operator only and can work both small and medium to large die bore sizes simultaneously. It offers two independent ultrasonic workstations, one for the smaller die bore-sizes (0.05-3.0 mm Ø /.002” - .12”Ø = UF) and another one for the medium to large size range (1.0 – 8.0 mm Ø / .004” - .23”Ø = F), releasing the die-workshop personnel considerably and doubling output.

An ideal solution for companies reconditioning larger quantities of dies.(e.g. multiwire).