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Innovative heat treatment solutions for rod, wire and tube

Innovative heat treatment solutions for rod, wire and tube

Essen, March, 2018 – Depending on the quality, process step and metallurgical requirements for the end product, there are different heat treatment processes and a whole series of alternative plant concepts for the various types of rod, wire and tube. The Tenova furnace companies Tenova LOI Thermprocess and Tenova Italimpianti offer the whole world of furnace technology and will present their innovative and enhanced heat treatment solutions at Wire & Tube 2018.

Continuous Rotary Table/ Hearth Furnaces for solution annealing of stainless steel wire coils
Stainless steel wire coils and tubes must be heated rapidly from ambient temperature to a sufficiently high temperature to ensure that the carbon is dissolved. At the same time, they must be heated sufficiently slowly to minimize grain propagation. The coils must then be rapidly cooled to ambient temperature to maintain the carbon in solution at the same time as preventing inter-granular corrosion. For the solution annealing of stainless steel tubes and wires, Tenova LOI Thermprocess offers open-fired rotary table/hearth furnaces with heat treatment temperatures up to 1,200°C and water or polymer quenching technology.

Continuous Roller Hearth Furnaces for heat treatment of wire coils in protective or reactive gas atmospheres
Following shaping processes, non-alloyed and low-alloyed carbon steel grades often require heat treatment at temperatures from 450°C to 1,050°C, such as stress relieving, recrystallizing, normalizing, soft annealing or spheroidizing in indirectly-fired continuous roller hearth furnaces. These furnaces are preferred for large capacities and continuous production. They feature slow, homogeneous heating, an adequate soaking area and cooling sections adapted to the specific materials treated. A variety of controlled atmospheres are used for heat treatment. The latest furnace plants feature carbon potential control and are suitable for CQI-9 quality in line with the high demands of the automobile industry.

Semi-Continuous Short Time Cycle (STC®) Roller Hearth Furnaces for the treatment of wire & rod coils and bars in endothermic gas atmospheres
The Short Time Cycle (STC®) Furnace works semi-continuously. This special furnace type is offered by Tenova Italimpianti within a highly standardized model range, with capacities from 4 to 56 t per batch. With 200 heat treatment recipes, this furnace type can be used very flexibly.

New, ring-shaped batch chamber furnace design with integrated quench
Semi-finished products made from special steels are heat-treated by a variety of processes to improve their cold working properties. Key factors are the accuracy of the heating process, soaking at a suitable temperature and the quenching speed. For this scenario Tenova Italimpianti offers a solution with a set of box-type furnaces for heat treatment of wire and rod coils installed close to a stainless steel tank which is used for quenching.

New base design for batch HPH® Bell-Type Furnaces with H2, HNx or N2 as the atmosphere gas
The objectives of heat-treating rolled wire are to obtain low strength for subsequent cold working and a defined crystalline structure with spheroidal cementite. The annealing of drawn wire allows a re-crystallized microstructure with specific hardness, tensile strength and working properties. To obtain the highest possible material quality, an annealing atmosphere of 100% hydrogen is also used. For economic reasons, these processes are mainly implemented in bell-type annealing plants with several stacks of coils positioned beside each other on an annealing base. HPH® annealing bases from Tenova LOI Thermprocess feature a special base configuration designed for the maximum possible service life in view of the increasing use of high-temperature annealing processes, for example for ball bearing steels.
The recirculation system with the 1,300 mm fan impeller made from heat-resistant materials and a frequency-controlled fan motor with a rating of up to 95 kW is being presented live on the Tenova LOI Thermprocess stand at Wire & Tube 2018. A visit to our stand (Stand A59 in Hall 10) will certainly be worthwhile. You can be sure of impartial advice on the best furnace design for your specific application.

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