RSA cutting systems GmbH

Highlights at Tube 2018 include the new MXS clamping concept and the new SH 150-2 feed system Same time – even more tubes!

Schwerte (rm). RSA cutting systems GmbH will be there – the global manufacturer of sawing machines, saw peripherals, chamfering systems, deburring machines and sawing and brushing tools will be presenting its wide range of solutions on a 250 m² stand (Hall 6, Stand D 25) at Tube & Wire 2018, the world's largest trade fair for the tube and tube processing industry which will be held at the Messe Düsseldorf trade fair ground from 16 to 20 April 2018.

RSA Managing Director Thomas Berg sums up the main focuses for the trade fair: “The highlight of RSA's appearance at the trade fair will be the RASACUT MXS sawing centre, which has undergone significant improvements. Alongside other developments, it boasts a brilliant new clamping concept which enables it to process four tubes at the same time instead of three. The RASACUT SH-150-2 sawing centre has a number of new features including a fully automatic feed and adjustment system, making the universal saw faster, more versatile and more user-friendly than ever before.” RSA will also be giving live demonstrations of various innovative machines and solutions for sawing and deburring and will be appearing at the Tube Innovation Network stand (Hall 6, Stand E 22) as well. At this stand, visitors will be able to use a 3D touch model to find out about all of the partners and solutions involved in the network, which covers the entire process chain of tube production and processing.


Quadruple-cut saw for huge volumes of parts


If you are looking to further reduce unit costs in the context of tube machining and you need to process particularly large volumes of parts, the RASACUT MXS sawing centre is the ideal choice. The trade fair in Düsseldorf will be the first opportunity to see its new clamping concept which is capable of processing four rather than three tubes at the same time. “Compared to the usual single cut, the output is increased by up to 25% to 14,000 parts/h,” says Thomas Berg. The RASACUT MXS automatically feeds four rods in a diameter range of 6 to 20 mm from the upstream bundle loader and saws them with exceptional levels of precision. Individual rods can be sawn in a diameter range of up to 50 mm. The rods are sawn to the set lengths with a tolerance of +/-0.1 mm.

The fully electric, hydraulic-free, high-performance sawing centre can be connected to downstream peripherals for deburring, length measurement, washing, drying or chamfering at any time. The RASACUT MXS can be seen in conjunction with a bundle loader for automatic material feeding. Crucially with this system, the rods can be changed over without adding to the non-productive time at all.



Saws all kinds of tubes and profiles at top speed


With its ability to saw both thin- and thick-walled tubes as well as solid materials with a diameter of 15 to 150 mm at a particularly fast pace – and thus do the work of multiple band saws on its own – the RASACUT SH 150-2 sawing centre has always been the ideal choice for single and (as an option) double rods. Now it is more universal, flexible, convenient and cost-effective than ever before! The sawing centre now has a special feed system which will be presented for the first time at the trade fair and which eliminates the time-consuming and laborious process of loading each magazine compartment manually – as has been standard practice on the market up to now.

A special, fully automated flat magazine now allows all kinds of tubes and profiles to be fed into the individual magazine compartments automatically. Round and profile materials are placed on a feeding line by means of an automatic loading system and fed into the relevant magazine compartments via a lifting mechanism. The sawing centre settings can then be adjusted automatically to suit the material in question, completely eliminating any time-consuming manual adjustment work. “This makes the RASACUT SH 150-2 sawing centre a truly universal saw without any restrictions, as well as significantly speeding up its processes,” comments RSA Managing Director Thomas Berg.


Extensive range of sawing and deburring machines in full action


Alongside the two premieres at the trade fair, RSA will be demonstrating a representative selection of its many machines and solutions for the efficient sawing and deburring of tubes and profiles.

Häberle has been producing robust, reliable, manually operated metal circular sawing machines and deburrers for the metal processing industry, the trade sector and especially for the metal construction industry for a good 50 years. The machines are used whenever maximum precision and quality are required and when individual user specifications need to be followed to the letter.

In addition, RSA will be showing a number of special solutions for deburring tubes and profiles made from aluminium, steel and stainless steel. These include the RASAMAT deburring machine for single pieces and small batches, which is capable of deburring even the most complicated of aluminium profiles on the inside and outside in just 2 to 3 s.

The TURNAMAT deburring machine, meanwhile, is intended for the rapid deburring of bent tubes, complex profile shapes and heavy or heavily burred workpieces made from either steel or stainless steel. With its high-performance brushes, the machine can deburr the workpieces on the inside and outside at the same time and round off cut edges. The workpieces do not need to be turned manually and the process can usually be completed in under 3 s!


RASATOP deburring machines process the cut edges of the tubes and profiles with inner and outer countersinks. They enable a safe, cost-effective and flawless deburring process for round tubes and rods made from steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminium and plastics with a range of possible spindle speeds.

Furthermore, RSA will also be showcasing its industrial brushes for use on hand-operated and static drives as well as the RASABLADE carbide and HSS-E saw blades that the company produces in-house.

All the machines presented at the RSA stand will be ready for real-world testing. It is also possible to make demonstration appointments on site.


Tube Innovation Network: Full process range – just one point of contact


The 13 partners that make up the Tube Innovation Network will be presenting their product ranges in detail at Stand E 22 in Hall 6 with the help of a 3D touchscreen model. This will give visitors the opportunity to find out about the partners and the fields in which they work. Visitors will also have the chance to ask questions and establish new contacts at the stand.

The Tube Innovation Network covers the entire process chain of tube production and processing. This includes the fields of weld seam preparation, profiling and laser machining as well as pickling, aligning, testing, (inline) measuring, sawing, bending, deburring, transporting, storage logistics, coolants and lubricants. The crucial point is that the entire machining task is planned and carried out by just one network partner – even if it is a complex task requiring a wide range of process steps.