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Asynchronous vectorial servomotors MA series


These asynchronous motors have been specially engineered to achieve dimensions of dc motors of similar power and to be suitable for high performance, flux vector type controllers in variable speed applications. The distinctive electromagnetic and mechanical design permits operation in constant power mode at maximum speeds of up to 8000 RPM. The efficient stator cooling system uses an auxiliary electrofan to combine the benefits of reduced dimensions and high, continuous, low-speed torque capability.

The main characteristics are:

three-phase, 4 pole star winding with no access to neutral

squirrel-cage rotor

construction with low losses laminated sheet

square form, compact

high, top speed capability

thermal protection by thermostat embedded in stator winding

high overload capability

degrees of protection IP54 and IP23

insulation class F (CEI EN60034-1)

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Torque motors HTQ series


MAGNETIC torque motors HTQ series are permanent magnets synchronous motors designed for industrial machines integration. They have been specially engineered to achieve the higher and higher performances required in the automation field by a high torque capability at low speed and by the elimination of the traditional components of the kinematic chain which allows to increase the precision and the efficiency of industrial machines.

The high efficiency typical of these motors makes them particularly suitable even for applications of electricity generation in hydroelectric field and from wind turbines.

In order to meet the market requirements MAGNETIC, on the ground of its experience of many applications in different fields, has designed a new synchronous motors series with high poles number and equipped with last generation magnets made of neodymium, iron and boron.

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Wound field d.c. motors MM series


Consolidated Magnetic design, appreciated for quality and robustness of the solutions, MM/MAG Series presents d.c. current, square laminated stator motor, characterized by a high power/size ratio. Proposed with F over temperature class, they are produced with over temperature class H on almost all materials, to guarantee reliability and long life.

MAG series is executed with compensating windings for constant power variable speed applications. Available options are: different kinds of cooling (axial electro fan, heat exchanger, self ventilation...), predisposition and/or mounting of transducer, predisposition/mounting of electromagnetic emergency/stopping brakes, mechanical customizations (shafts, flanges …) also for reduced order quantities.

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