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Xuzhou Lint Top Cable Technology Co., Ltd.
1-606, Hengshengjiayuan West Fangzhi Road, Quanshan District,
221006 Xuzhou City, Jiangsu, China, People's Republic of

Phone: +86 516 8805118
Mobile: +86 186 01411130
Fax: +86 516 85611742

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Product Categories
High-speed Sheathing Extruder


1. Introduction
This prodcution line is used for extruding PVC, PE cable insulation layer.

2. Technical Features
2.1. Use double flights and circular arc BM type screw with good plasticization and output capacity (PVC) 800~1000 kg/h.
2.2. Front and back two caterpillars; automatic force-control and stable running.
2.3. Multi-flow channel with good effect for making cable.
2.4. There is warm water circulating system at movable trough side to control the cable step by step and reduce cable stress.
2.5. PLC control the whole line with touch-screen operation

Rod breakdown lines/heavy-duty wire drawing machine



1. Introduction
The machine is used for drawing Φ9.5-12mm Aluminum or Aluminum alloy rod to 1.8-4.8mm wires.

2. Technical Features
The horizontal and tandem construction, driven by two motors to achieve fast die change;
High precise helical gears transmission, high efficiency, low noise;
Transmission part enforced oil supply lubrication system;
Drawing capstans are in combined structure;
Emulsion immersed lubrication and cooling can ensure high quality of wires produced;
With coiler or double take-up to achieve high automation and high efficiency.
Electrical control: SIEMENS DC drive system, digital communication control.


Triple-layer Co-extrusion Dry-cure CCV lines


1. Introduction
This Continuous Catenary Vulcanization (CCV) Line is designed for continuous producing 6-35KV, 35-132KV XLPE insulated power cable with 3-layer co-extrusion.

2. Technical Features
2.1. Controlled by computer and operated by touch srceen, communicates with profibus.
2.2. Adopt ¢65 conductor shield, ¢150 insulation, ¢90 insulation shield, triple-layer co-extrusion.
2.3. Controlled by field density,shifting phase trigger function of tubes.
2.4. The specially designed triple-layer co-extrusion crosshead ensures the joint speed raising not to eccentric after modulating with low speed and can made finished cable after 30-40m.
2.5. The man-machine communicate menu can deposite the technological parameter to use at any moment.
2.6. Sag control. The working principle is of contactless type with the features of narrow band emission, strong signal, weak signal receiving and high anti-interference ability, used widely DC speed governing and AC frequency conversion control.