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Riveco GeneralSider S.p.A.
Via Marino Carboni, 1
66100 Chieti Scalo, Italy

Phone: +39 0871 563345
Fax: +39 0871 560959

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Product Categories
Anticorrosion coatings


The Larino production unit can provide a large variety of protective coatings and linings services. Some of the most common coatings and linings are: PE,PP,FBE, epoxy linings for gas and water, but RGS can also apply cement mortar lining, FZM and perform the thermal insulation. The pipe size range for these services are normally from ½” up to 64”. A special section is represented by the concrete overweighting and application of sacrificial anodes of underwater pipelines.

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HDPE pipes


PE 80 and PE 100 extruded high density Polyethylene pipes intended for gas and water distribution, diameters ranging from Ø 20 mm to Ø 400 mm and pressures from PN 6 to PN 25 according to UNI EN 1555, UNI EN 12201, UNI ISO 4437 and a yearly production of 5,000 tons.

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Offshore Solutions


Over years, Riveco GeneralSider S.p.a has developed a great experience in the offshore pipeline coating solutions providing also the capability of executing specific pipeline projects at a client's chosen location by mobilizing its plants. Concrete weight coating and anodes application, together with the anticorrosion coatings and linings, are the solutions Riveco Generalsider can offer to its customers.
The concrete weight coating is designed to ensure negative buoyancy and mechanical protection of steel pipes for the construction of underwater pipelines and it is applied on pipes already protected with anticorrosion coatings. The application system used by RGS is by impingement. The thickness, the density of the cement mixture and the type of reinforcement may differ according to the characteristics of the pipe and of the laying conditions and our company can provide the technical assistance for the choice of the most suitable parameters.
Upon client’s request, Riveco can execute the application of sacrificial anode cathodic protection system.

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Pipeline API 5L - ISO 3183 - EN


-longitudinally welded (HFI-W) carbon steel pipes for both distribution and transport of fluids such as crude      oil, gas, water, oxygen etc. at low, medium and high pressure, in the range from 3" (88.9 mm) through 16"    (406.4 mm.) and in compliance with the main International Standards: EN – API – ISO – UNI – BS – DIN –      ASTM – AF, with a yearly production capacity exceeding 100,000 tons.


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