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Kuparitie 10, P.O. Box 60
28101 Pori, Finland

Phone: +358 2 07577-400
Fax: +358 2 07577-401


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Product Categories
Double-furnace lines


Double-furnace UPCAST® lines comprise of separate melting and holding furnaces connected with a launder. There are several melting and holding furnace combinations available with total volumes ranging from 11 to 40 tons of molten copper. The required output determines the furnace combination to be used. Maximum output from a double-furnace UPCAST® line is 40,000 TPA.

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Single-furnace lines


Each single-furnace UPCAST® line is a compact unit built around a combined melting/holding furnace. There are several furnace sizes available with volumes ranging from 6 to12 tons of molten copper. The required output determines the furnace size to be used. Maximum output from a single-furnace UPCAST® line is 12,000 TPA.

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UPCAST Hybrid Cu Rod / Tube Casting Line


An UPCAST hybrid configuration may have two separate furnaces from which the casting takes place. However, at any given time just one will be used for casting purposes while the other would be in a standby position. Such an arrangement allows two different types of melt to be continuously available - e.g. oxygen free copper for rod and DHP copper for tube. Typically just one product type is cast at a time but the hybrid casting machine does allow also rod and tube to be cast simultaneously when produced from the same type of melt.

The hybrid solution is very good for the companies who have a certain capacity requirement for both rod and tube – no need to have two separate lines and in worst case neither one being fully utilized all the year round. With the UPCAST®-Hybrid line one can optimize the full capacity between both products or sometimes for only the other product.

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