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HUNTSMAN (Germany) GmbH Osnabrück Betriebsstätte
Hafenringstr. 1
49090 Osnabrück, Germany

Phone: +49 541 91410
Fax: +49 541 9141395

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Wecome to the World of TPU!

Elastic, flexible and strong, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) offer exciting possibilities for meeting the manufacturing challenges of a fast-changing world. Well-known for their outstanding versatility, Huntsman's TPUs can improve the production and enrich the performance of anything from shoes, seals and films to filters, conveyor belts and cables.


Cables and wires used in automotive, telecommunication, automation and offshore projects, need to be encased in highly flexible materials that meet the highest mechanical standards and can be easily transported.


IROGRAN® TPUs can protect high quality cable-systems against extreme environmental conditions. Produced on a continuous processing line or batch manufactured to meet tailor made requirements and specific properties, our TPUs can be easily extruded to form portable power cables, trip lines, supply pipes and extensions, cables for antiskid systems and extensions for mowing machines. They can also be injection molded to create supplementary cabling accessories including clips, plugs and grommets.