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Petroleum Kaai 7
2020 Antwerpen, Belgium

Phone: +32 3 2473877
Fax: +32 3 2473897



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Q8Oils for drawing & rolling lubricants.

Q8Oils is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of lubricants to the wire, cable and tube sectors and will present lubricants and greases in Hall 11, Stand 11 D21

Lubricants for the drawing & rolling of rod, bar, wire, strip, tube & profile

Plant Maintenance lubricants and Greases for all applications.

Contact: wire@Q8Oils.com Stuart Duff +44 7831526092

  • Wire Drawing Emulsions for Copper, Copper Alloys, Rod to Superfine.
  • Wire Drawing Emulsions for Aluminium, Aluminium Alloys, Rod to Superfine
  • Wire Drawing Oils for Aluminium, Aluminium Alloys, Rod to Fine wire
  • Greases for Aluminium Conductors
  • Wire Drawing Full Synthetic Solutions for Precious metals and Exotic alloys, smallest size drawn 10 microns, 0.010mm.
  • Rod Rolling emulsions for hot and cold rolled Copper and Aluminium rod.
  • Special “waxcoat” yellow metal protectives for Copper Rod, whether Rolled, Dipformed or Upcast rod.
  • Tube and Profile Drawing Lubricants, capillary to large size.
  • Rolling Lubricants for Welded Tubes, steel, stainless etc.
  • Lubricants for all metal manufacturing applications from electrical components to busbar to billet.
  • Technical Support Services for all drawing and rolling lubricants.
  • Published Technical Papers, training the customer on best practice and performance.