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Schuler AG
Bahnhofstraße 41
73033 Göppingen, Germany

Phone: +49 7161 66307
Fax: +49 7161 66729

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For 30 years, Schuler has supported the automotive sector to set the standards in mass production of vehicle components with its hydroforming presses. As a technological and world market leader in forming technology, Schuler possesses unique experience in the automotive industry, and develops forward-looking market solutions with extensive process knowledge.

More than 110 presses in the market. Schuler possesses proven expertise in hydroforming, and can look back on an extensive success story. This is verified by more than 110 hydroforming press lines that Schuler has installed in the automotive and component industries. As a globally active full service partner, Schuler knows all of the ins and outs of the automotive market, and is entirely at home in the process. Schuler offers ground-breaking solutions to support the trend of lightweight vehicle designs.

· New perspective of part design for high-strength and ultra high-strength materials
· Full spectrum of hydroforming processes, from low to high pressure
· Hydroforming for body-in-white, frame structures, exhaust components
· Hydroforming part production
· Single presses and turnkey automated hydroforming systems
· Expertise in hydroforming part design, prototyping and tool building
· In-depth training for the full spectrum of hydroforming
· Schuler is represented in 40 nations around the world



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For the most exacting requirements: System solutions for producing longitudinally welded large pipes.

Irrespective of whether your machine should be designed for longitudinally welded large pipes with a bending press or with U-O-presses – Schuler provides you with the innovative and forward-looking production technology for this, outstandingly adapted and individually tailored to your product dimensions. Not only are we your expert for efficient modernizations in order to optimize the performance of existing pipe plants, we are also the ideal technology partner for complete turnkey solutions. Whichever approach you take – the best idea is to get the expertise and experience of Schuler on your side right from the outset.

Bending presses. Schuler bending presses (step process) are universally applicable for pipes with diameters from 406 mm to 1,625 mm (16" – 64").

C-U-O-presses. U-O-presses primarily represent a solution when the highest possible production output of a particular pipe dimension range is to be achieved.

Modernizations. Presses and machines from Schuler are also highly suited for complete modernization concepts or for replacing individual machine components in existing pipe plants.

Conventional pipe forming press. Schuler pipe forming technology – tried and tested for more than 20 years, and used all over the world. Lateral sheet feed, adjustable bowing compensation and high flexibility are particular features of these presses. The various pipe diameters can be produced without time-consuming die changes.

LFJ-pipe forming press. The modular concept referred to as the linear feeding J-pipe forming press represents a further development of the conventional pipe forming press. This unique development means that Schuler has an exclusive and attractive product highlight in its portfolio. It is characterized by an almost direct sheet feed, and bowing compensation is not required. The modular structure ensures straightforward transport and input into the press without difficulty.

Schlüsselfertige Werke mit Spiralrohrschweißanlagen



Schuler plant und realisiert schlüsselfertige Produktionswerke zur Herstellung spiralgeschweißter Großrohre. Die Schuler Spiralrohrschweißanlagen werden in zwei Varianten eingesetzt:

Kombinierte Form- und Schweißanlage (On-Line-Verfahren)
Dabei erfolgt nach der Rohrformung direkt das anschließende Rohrinnen- und Rohraußen-Unterpulverschweißen.

Getrennte Form- und Schweißanlage (Off-Line-Verfahren)
Nach der Rohrformung mit anschließender Heftschweißung erfolgt im zweiten Schritt das Innen- und Außenunterpulverschweißen auf separaten Schweißständen.

Die Produktionsanlagen erfüllen höchste Anforderungen hinsichtlich Durchmessertoleranzen, Schweißspalt, Anlagenverfügbarkeit und Ausbringung.