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Royle Systems Group LLC.
111 Bauer Drive
07436 Oakland, NJ, USA

Telefon: +1 201 6440345
Fax: +1 201 6440346


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Anzahl der Beschäftigten50-99
Umsatz10-49 Mio US $
Exportanteilmax. 50%
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About Us

Royle Systems Group manufactures complete extrusion systems for a variety of cable products. With total capability in fiber optic machinery and cable manufacture equipment, Royle has the technological savvy and industry experience necessary to supply and support most any cable production system. We also have proven capability in the supply of CV lines for power cables of all types. Our product range is completed with telephone insulating and sheathing equipment together with coax/CATV and high temperature specialty systems.


We also offer technical services to facilitate smooth, successful integration and maintenance of our systems. Included in our services are classroom and hands-on training programs and our Preform Pilot Plant which allows clients to come see and experience our systems firsthand. We at Royle can look with pride at our history (founded in 1855) as we commit ourselves to the furthering our status as a dominant player in the fiber optic industry.