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Crosspolimeri S.p.A.
Stradello Canali 9
43038 Sala Baganza (PR), Italien

Telefon: +39 0521 331411
Fax: +39 0521 331400

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Is the trade-mark of our polyurethane polyester and polyether types, available also in flame retardant and halogen free version. It is used in technical sheathing and insulation extrusion.




Is the trade-mark of our PVC compounds suitable for cables, pipes and profiles extrusion. We have also developed special series having different self-extinguishing characteristics, excellent flame retardant properties, good resistance to oils, low toxicity, low smoke and HCl emission.



Ethylene-propylene rubber crosslinkable by SIOPLAS technology (XL-EPR/HEPR), available in a hardness wide range (70 to 92 Shore A), used for medium and low voltage electrical cable insulation and sheathing. Unlike peroxide rubber, Poligom do not require nitrogen or steam vulcanization, but they crosslink at room temperature with ambient humidity (passing the Hot Set Test to 250 ° C) after being extruded at high speed in normal PVC extruders. High flexibility Poligom have high load at break and resistance to tearing and are devoid of plasticizers (therefore they maintain their flexibility over time). Oil resistant and flame-retardant or not grades are also available. Recently, fire resistant halogen free thermoplastic Poligom ,having exceptional flexibility, have been carried out.