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Sumar OÜ
Kaabli 9
10112 Tallinn, Estland

Mobile: +372 53 023612
Fax: +372 60 16270

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We wish to offer our clients a full service under the same roof. Our operation is compact in order to maintain high flexibility and a capability to manufacture extremely complex products.
Our everyday operation comprises the maintenance and reconstruction of moulds as well as the manufacturing of spare parts. Specialised software, new equipment, experienced team and careful planning of works enable us to carry out repair tasks promptly and accurately. A precise 5-axis milling enables us to process quickly even complicated contours.
High quality final result proceeds from the careful planning of works and the determination of intermediate phases. By such means, we ensure a planned implementation of works and punctual delivery times for our clients.
Last but not least, the moulds and their inserts are measured with a measuring device, and the obtained results are recorded.

Maintenance of moulds
Reconstruction of moulds
Manufacturing of inserts
Laser welding
Manufacturing of precise parts

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