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Tapeformers Ltd.
38 Hayhill Industrial Estate
LE12 8LD Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, Großbritannien / Nordirland

Telefon: +44 1509 768186
Fax: +44 1509 768287

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Braiding machine tapeformer


We have developed a range of Tapeformers especially for braiding machines.

Benefits include:

• Very accurate forming of the tape.
• Quick load times.
• Reduced tape breakages.
• Almost no tension is required on the tape.

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Extra long tapeformer


The extra long Tape Former was developed to bring the exit of the tape former closer to the extruder head, where the fixingpositions for the tape former are distant.

The reason for having the exit close to the extruder head is so the tape is not allowed to unfold. The Model A XL is manufactured to a length youspecify.

When ordering the Model A XL we will ask you to specify the required length of the Tape Former and also the insidediameter of the tubeleading into the extruder head.

Our Technical Team are able to give you specific advice and guidance should you require support in specifying the correct Tape Former for your application.

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Model A


Tape widths ranging from
5mm (3/16 inch) to 24mm (1 inch)

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