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The DMSR is dedicated to remove effortlessly the thickest HV and EHV cable's outer sheath with or without the aluminium or lead layer located under. It performs a longitunal and circular cut of the cable's outer sheath. The user is ensured of not touching the semiconductive insulation screen laying under thanks to its screen detection.

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This AMR is dedicated to remove the thickest XLPE insulation of HV and EHV cable effortless and repetitively. This tool is designed to work on cable manufacturing facility and to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.



AMF5 55-160 BBCF


This AMF5 55-160 BBCF is dedicated to prepare HV and EHV cable in production, laboratory and field environment. It can be either manually or motor driven.

It enables the user to:

-Remove semiconductive layer located over the outer sheath

-Remove the semiconductor located over the insulation (XLPE, P-Laser) with very low roughness over insulation

-Lengthen the chamfer located on the transition between the semiconductor and the insulation

-Remove the insulation

-Chamfer the insulation

-Perform shaped grooves and slots into the insulation prior to high voltage ferrule installation


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DPC 10-45


The DPC can be either an extremity or midspan stripper. It enables th euser to remove the jacket/outer sheath of LV and MV aerial tree wire and spacers.

turing facility and to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

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